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Feature Overview

      Pressure sensitive graphics tablet support
      QuickTime 3 effects (ColorSync, emboss, sharpen, etc.)
      Customisable hot keys
      A text tool that supports anti-aliased text
      Supports Navigation Services and other Mac OS technologies
      Organised, named colours.
      Support for opening and saving files in multiple file formats
      Intelligent creation of file preview icons (32-bit icons too)
      Familiar Paint Tools
      Full rotation and scaling
      Supports Marc Moini's Smart Scroll

Graphics Tablet Support
Now you can unleash your creativity and paint beautiful art work. Painting allows you to vary your brush size and paint colour with your tablet. Also, if you use the eraser tip featured on some pens, you will activate Painting's eraser tool.

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QuickTime Effects
Painting takes full advantage of QuickTime 3 Effects. QT3 provides many built-in effects, including embossing, colour balance, and ColorSync. See the digital artwork page for more details.

An example of the ColorSync filter. The source image on the left is for an AppleVision 1710/AV, and the destination image on the right is for an Epson Photo EX.

A Powerful Text Tool
Painting can anti-alias text to get rid of those ugly, jagged edges (this is sometimes called smoothing). Compare the following text that was created with Painting:

As you can see, smooth text looks much better (if you want to know more about what anti-aliasing is, visit the MacKiDo Temple).

  Painting's text tool also lets you move around and resize text blocks before you're done working with them.

The text background is transparent, so if you drag it over your art work it doesn't fully obscure it.

Customisable Hot Keys
You can assign a hot key to any item on the Tools palette. You can activate a tool by pressing a keyboard key that you define. This way, you can customise Painting to behave like other applications that you're used to.

Support for Mac OS Technologies
Painting utilises many Mac OS technologies. Painting is fully Appearance Manager compliant, and Painting uses Navigation Services. Painting also supports Mac OS 8.5 path popup menus and proxy icons.

Unique Colour Management
Colours in Painting are stored in customisable Colour Sets. Each colour can have its own name, so you can organise them according to what they are used for. Colours Sets are displayed in the Colours palette in a heirarchical list. Painting comes with three colour sets: GX Common Colors, Apple Icon Colors, and Greys. You can make your own sets too.

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File Format Support
Using QuickTime, Painting can read and write several file formats. With QuickTime 2.5 or better, you can directly open JPEG, GIFF, TIFF, Photoshop and BMP formats. With QuickTime 3.0 or better, you can also save files in several formats, including Photoshop, QuickTime, and BMP formats. You only need QuickTime 1.6 to save JPEG files.

Familiar Paint Tools
Of course, Painting has all of the standard paint tools available in a tidy floating palette. If you've used any Macintosh graphics software, chances are you'll know how to use Painting. Painting also lets you activate tools with a single key stroke (see the Customisable Hot Keys above).

What others have to say
Painting has recieved some great recognition, including:

      On the cover of MacAddict magazine! One of their 33 must haves. (November '99)
      CNET's Download.com's download spotlight (Oct 15, 99).
      Mac Madness's software pick of the week
      Mac OS Zone's file of the week
      Webintosh's Cool Tool of the Week (now Mac Observer)
      A great review by Brian Kelley of AppleWizards (Nov. 97)
      BeezleWare's software pick

Also, Painting 1.5's release was front page material on MacAddict's web site (March 25, '98).

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