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Tips and Tricks
Get the most out of Painting. Being the person who created Painting, I think I know how to use it best. So I've devoted a section of the web site to show you how to use Painting to its full potential.

Do you want to make GIF files with Painting? Download clip2gif, an excellent freeware utility by Yves Piguet. Painting doesn't support saving GIF files itself due to patent licensing issues (note that Painting can read them fine if you have QuickTime 3 or better installed).

HTML Color Sets
Painting user Hiroshi Tenasaku Fujita has created an excellent set of HTML Color Sets. There are two sets: one for the standard 16 colours and one for the 216 Netscape colours. Each colour in the set is properly named—this is a great asset for anyone who needs to work with colours in HTML! The sets are available for download here, 4 K.

Painting User's Guide
The Painting User's Guide is available in Acrobat PDF format for downloading. You may want to get this if you want to print a high-quality version of the user's guide yourself.

Note that Painting already comes with documentation in eDoc format, which is nicer to use when reading on your Mac.

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