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Welcome to the Painting Gallery. This is a collection of images and art work created with Painting. Right now, all of the artwork here was created by me, but in the future there will be a method for submiting your own artwork to this page. Actually, it's been almost a year and it's still a no-go. If you've used Painting to create something interesting, let me know.

Click an image to see the full size version.

Roses on a Table
This was made with Painting 2.0 and a Wacom graphics tablet. The original was sketched on paper and scanned in. I usually shrink down the final images to get some kind of anti-aliasing effect, but this one looks quite nice as is.

Tulips are easier to draw.

A character I made up. She's a cross between Lynn Minmay (of Macross) and Konoko (of Bungie). I really don't remember why she looks like Minmay, but it mattered when I was drawing it. The Konoko connection should be obvious.

This was created with a KB Gear Sketchboard, a USB tablet.

Sand Bunny
Sand Bunny is a character my friend Don Toledo created out of boredom. He drew the original on paper, and then traced it using a 4x5" graphics tablet and Painting (while in a dark, humid room on my lowly PowerBook). Since the poor guy doesn't use a Mac, he couldn't finish the picture with Painting so I coloured it for him. The final image is scaled down 50%, which ends up being the same size as the original drawing.

Jetfire is a Transformer, although he really is a standard issue Macross/Robotech bot. I've got the Transformer's version (a toy), which is made by Bandai, 1985.

Sarwat made this using only Painting 1.6 and a Wacom ArtPad II. Check out an early version too.

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