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Painting 2.0.2 Released
June 7, 2001. Saving with a selection active will use that selection for the document icon. Other fixes too; get this one from the Download page.

Painting Web Site Moved
May 2001. My old service provider conked out during the early part of this year, so I was forced to move to a much nicer, faster, and more reliable place.

Painting 2.0.1 Released
December 17, 2000. Fixes a crash some have reported when using the Colours window. Get it from the Download page.

Painting 2 Released
December 15, 2000. Painting 2 is done! Includes new features and functionality to better work with colours, and what a difference it makes! The workflow is better than ever. Get it from the Download page.

  • There is a new, easy to use Colour Mixer available from the Edit menu
  • Painting now remembers colours that you've recently used. Click and hold on the colour swatches on the Tools palette to bring up the history
  • You can now choose "one off" colours by using the Tools palette
  • You can now swap foreground and background colours easily by clicking a button on the Tools palette
  • The PowerPC version uses a new interpolating paint brush that allows you to create smoother curves with the paint brush
  • Non Wacom and USB tablets now work properly
  • Other little but useful improvements

HTML Colour Sets
January 8, 2000.Check out the Goodies page for a pack of two colour sets designed for HTML. A must have for anybody who writes HTML or works with web colours! Thanks to Tenasaku for allowing me to put these up.

Painting 1.6.5 Released
January 1, 2000. A very quick bug-fix release to fix a bug when saving documents. If you had a selection in your Painting document and you saved the file, Very Bad Things could happen. Get it from the Download page.

Painting 1.6.4 Released
October 7, 1999. Yet another simple update to add some features.

  • Supports intelligent creation of document preview icons. When using Mac OS 8.5, you can create 32-bit icons as well. This is really cool :)
  • Allows you to set the default document size and depth through the Document Setup command.
  • If you hold down the Command key when dragging a new selection, you can reposition it instead of dragging.
  • Completed Balloon Help support. Balloon Help is also enabled by holding down the Control key. Hopefully, you can use the help balloons to turn yourself into an expert Painting user.
  • Added a little memory display to the document setup dialog that informs you how much memory the document will use in RAM.
  • Native support for Mac OS 8.5 scroll bars (the Smart Scroll Adapter is no longer needed).
  • Improved support for Marc Moini's Smart Scroll.
  • Many user interface enhancements throughout the program (though you'd have to be keen to notice a few). IMO, Painting looks and feels much better.

Painting 1.6.3 Released
August 24, 1999. Just a simple update to add some features. Visit the Download page to get it.

  • Full support for Mac OS 8.5 sound themes.
  • You can use the shift key to constrain selections as you drag (sorry that took so long).
  • Supports the Display Manager, so that floating palettes don't end up in odd places when switching screen resolutions.

A few days ago I added a tip about making drop shadows.

Painting 1.6.2 Released
July 23, 1999. An update that fixes a few minor bugs and adds more functionality to the user interface. Fat binary, 68k and PowerPC versions are available from the Download page.

  • Tab key can now be used to show and hide floating palettes. See the documentation for details.
  • Added more functionality to the Window menu. There are menu commands (along with Command key shortcuts) to go to the next and previous windows, and to zoom the current window.
  • Added Email the Author and Visit the Web Site commands to the Help menu.
  • The info palette is wider, to allow for larger co-ordinate displays.
  • Fixed a memory leak when pasting graphics.
  • Better error reporting when QuickTime fails to export an image.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when importing graphics.
  • Some rare flakiness with the text dialog fixed has been fixed.

Also added a tip on scaling graphics to the Tips section.

68k and Power Mac specific versions
February 21, 1999. Power Macintosh and 68k specific versions of Painting have been released. You can get them from the Download section.

Painting Web Redesigned
February 16, 1999. The Painting Web Site has been totally revamped. Enjoy.

Painting 1.6.1 Released
February 16, 1999. Painting 1.6.1 is the latest release. Major enhancements include:

  • Supports pressure-sensitive graphics tablets. You can vary the colour and/or the size of your brush strokes. See the Brush Settings dialog for options. Special thanks to Timothy Wall for contributing code.
  • Uses QuickTime 3 Effects. You can apply several special effects to your documents. QuickTime 3 includes several effects, including Blur, Colour Style, Colour Tint, ColorSync, Edge Detection, Emboss, Film Noise, Convolution Kernel, HSL and RGB Balance, and Sharpen. It is possible to add more effects, like the QuickTime Effects Pack offered by Buena Software.
  • Added 360° rotation. Requires QuickTime 3.
  • Added Blur and Blur More commands to the Painting menu.
  • The Brush Settings dialog can now be brought up by using Command-B.
  • In past versions of Painting, if you clicked the other Style icon on the Colours palette (for example, if the Fill icon was highlighted and you clicked the Stroke icon), Painting would set the other style colour to match (so the Stroke colour would change to match the Fill colour). Painting no longer does this. Note that you can always double-click a Style icon to disable that style (double-clicking the Fill icon will let you to paint hollow shapes).
  • To quickly set the other style (for example, if the Fill icon is selected and you want to set the Stroke colour), you can now just hold down the option key and click. It doesn't matter if you're picking with the Dropper tool or in the Colours palette.
  • Added a very basic scripting dictionary.
  • When saving a Colour Set with Navigation Services, Painting will make the default location of the Save dialog the Colour Sets folder.
  • Sometimes pasting a selection in would put it in the wrong spot. Fixed.
  • Fixed some problems opening files in low memory situations.

Painting 1.6 had a very limited release. The only difference is a documentation update that points to this web site instead of the old one.

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