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Creating Digital Artwork

Colour Mixer
Having trouble picking the right colour? Blend colours yourself with the colour mixer. All you have to do is drag colours in to create a mix. Once you've created a mix you like you can just click on the mixed colour to activate it. You can also drag the colour to the Colours palette to save it for future use.

Colours Window
Painting uses a hierarchical colour palette to help you organise the colours that you use in your document. You can create your own custom sets and save them to disk. The colours are named so you can label your colours to reflect what you use them for. Painting includes three colour sets: GX Common Colors, Apple Icon Colors, and a convenient set of greys.

Painting also lets you conveniently drag any colour from the palette to your document to flood fill a region (this can become addictive).

Colours History
Find yourself using the same colours over and over again? With Painting's colour history feature, you don't have to select them out of a huge array of colours—just select them from the Colour History pop-up.

Painting remembers your most recent colours, so you don't have to.

The Dropper Tool
An essential tool when working with colours is the colour dropper. Just activate the tool (you can use the D hot key for that), and click a point in your document. Painting will now use that colour as if you had selected it from the Colours window.

Additionally, by using Painting's Dropper Settings dialog, you can customise the dropper to add the colours you pick to the colours palette.

Special Effects
QuickTime 4 comes with a ton of special effects that you can use with Painting.

Painting takes full advantage of QuickTime Effects. QuickTime 3 and better provide many built-in effects, including embossing, colour balance, and ColorSync.

You are not limited to the effects that QuickTime 3 comes with, however. More QuickTime effects can be easily added to your system, such as QuickTime 3 Effects Pack from Buena Software and the very cool Video Gogh from RE:Vision Effects.

Graphics Tablet
Got a tablet? Painting has pressure sensitive support, allowing you to blend colours together and vary the brush size to create beautiful brush strokes. Additionally, if your tablet has eraser support, you can just flip your tablet pen over and erase as if you were using a pencil.

You can create truly beautiful images with Painting. Click for an enlarged view of the brushwork.

Painting 2.0 works with many graphics tablets, including Wacom and KB Gear tablets.

Feature Overview

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