Qmodel Viewer. A Macintosh Viewer for Quake 2 models.

Large Icon. Qmodel Viewer is a Macintosh viewer for Quake 2 models (.md2 files).

  • Skins menu. Lets you switch among loaded skins easily.
  • Support for saving PICT files and QuickTime movies
  • Uses OpenGL for rendering
  • Has a few handy viewing options including wireframe and flat-shading.
  • You can rotate and scale (zoom) the model.

    This thing is cool if you make player skins for Quake 2. It requires Mac OS 8.5, OpenGL, and QuickTime. Be sure to read the readme before using it. It should be noted that I don't actually have Quake 2 :)

    Sorry, no screenshots. Just picture a Quake 2 model in a window, and some menus in the menu bar. It uses lighting when it draws the models, but you can turn that off.

    Download the 130 K Stuffit Archive here.

    It's quasi-freeware, similar to how Scott is quasi-evil. It's free, but you can pay me if you want to.

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